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‘What do you like about Hong Kong?’ This is a question I’ve been asked multiple times this year. It is also one I can’t seem to find the right adjectives for. Beyond the obvious ones such as its unique blend of East x West influence, concrete jungle and literal jungles, the myriad of activities — I am struck by how its people embody grit and resilience amid adversity.

On 9.6.2019, I arrived in Hong Kong for my summer internship, coinciding with the first day of the protest. I spent the next 3 months as an outsider looking in — but…

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1. When you catch yourself doomscrolling, PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN and go for a walk.

2. The ultimate self-care is treating yourself to enough sleep everyday, 7 hours minimum.

3. Meditation does wonders for the monkey mind.

4. Celebrate the small wins — write down 1 daily win (mine today : I finally broke my blogging hiatus!)

5. The hallmark of adulting is when you no longer drink alcohol out of paper cups — invest in proper glassware, even if it’s just 1 wine glass.

6. What gets scheduled gets done. Don’t put things off on your to-do list. If…

Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” — Pope Paul VI

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  1. Realise and relish what truly matters. After much time for introspection (and trust me, there is plenty of that whilst stuck indoors), I gained a deeper realisation of what truly matters to me — and what doesn’t. During this time, I reflected on the life values that resonated with me…

Janice Tan

Work in Progress;

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