An Ode to Hong Kong

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

‘What do you like about Hong Kong?’ This is a question I’ve been asked multiple times this year. It is also one I can’t seem to find the right adjectives for. Beyond the obvious ones such as its unique blend of East x West influence, concrete jungle and literal jungles, the myriad of activities — I am struck by how its people embody grit and resilience amid adversity.

On 9.6.2019, I arrived in Hong Kong for my summer internship, coinciding with the first day of the protest. I spent the next 3 months as an outsider looking in — but also unwittingly caught in the disruption brought upon by the democracy dichotomy. In those short (but incredibly eventful) 3 months, I was incredibly heartened by the stories from locals and expats alike as I sought to understand the stories that underscore the heartbeat of this fascinating city.

Returning in 2020, the city (along with many others) battled a new enemy in the form of the virus. What remained the same, is the people’s swift and collective reaction in playing their part to fight it (currently a work in progress)

Love it or hate it — this city grows on you. It is dizzyingly loud, colourful, gritty as hell..and I couldn’t be more grateful to call it home in this new season. Here’s to a brighter 2021 ahead for all of us!

Work in Progress;